Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Award Winners

The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Award Winners:

1) The "Best Actor" Award:
Seth Coltan in "obSETHed: Memorial Day" (Van Nuys, California)

2) The "Best Actress" Award:
McKenzie Almire in "ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)

3) The "Best Cinematography" Award:
Byron Kopman, Cinematographer for "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)

4) The "Best Dark Comedy Film" Award:
"Crass" Directed by Micah Troublefield (US)

5) The "Best Director" Award:
Jeff Gentner for "ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)

6) The "Best Ensemble" Award:
"ART SALE" Directed by Jeff Gentner (Savannah, Georgia)

7) The "Best Feature Length Screenplay" Award:
"Love in Kilnerry" Written by Daniel Keith (New York City)

8) The "Best Film Editing" Award:
Stanley Sievers for "Fratino" (Illinois, Chicago)

9) The "Best International Comedy Film" Award:
"As I love you" (Spain)

10) The "Best Micro Short Film" Award:
"Mission Accomplished" Directed by Claus Martin (Germany)

11) The "Best Original Music" Award:
Mike Southworth in "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)

12) The "Best Short Film" Award:
"As I love you" Directed by Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio (Spain)

13) The "Best Supporting Actor" Award:
Gregory Jones in "Mommy Heist" (New York City)

14) The "Best Supporting Actress" Award:
Elizabeth Fleming in "Mommy Heist"(New York)

15) The "Best Television Episode Screenplay" Award: 
"Happily Retired - Modern Family Spec Script" Written by Mario Garza (New York City)

16) The "Most Original Concept" Award:
"The Somniloquist" Directed by Adam Rosenberg (US)

17) The "Single Funniest Moment" Award:
"ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)

18) The Best Mockumentary Film
"Brown Terror" Directed by Tim Bathurst (Los Angeles, California)