"Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017" Award Nominations

The Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 is proud to announce the award nominations for each category. These awards will be presented at the end of the screenings on July 10th, 2017 at approximately 8:45pm. Please review our event listing on Facebook for more information about the schedule and tickets.

1) The "Best Actor" Award Nominees:
Seth Coltan in "obSETHed: Memorial Day" (Van Nuys, California)
Diego Sanchez in "FRATINO" (Illinois, Chicago)
Dayne Swerdling in "Crass"(US)

2) The "Best Actress" Award Nominees:
McKenzie Almire in "ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)
Silvia Alonso in "As I love you" (Spain)
Nora Orton in "Crass" (US)

3) The "Best Cinematography" Award Nominees:
Ángel Amorós, Cinematographer for "As I love you" (Spain)
Jan Merlin Friedrich, Cinematographer for "Mission Accomplished"(Germany)
Byron Kopman, Cinematographer for "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)

4) The "Best Dark Comedy Film" Award Nominees:
"Oy Vey!" Directed by Joe O. Davies (United Kingdom)
"Knife Fight" Directed by Miguel J. Soliman (Oakland, California)
"Crass" Directed by Micah Troublefield (US)

5) The "Best Director" Award Nominees:
Jeff Gentner for "ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)
Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio for "As I love you" (Spain)
Anna Gutto for "Mommy Heist" (New York)

6) The "Best Ensemble" Award Nominees:
"Mommy Heist" Directed by Anna Gutto (New York City)
"ART SALE" Directed by Jeff Gentner (Savannah, Georgia)
"Oy Vey!" Directed by Joe O. Davies (United Kingdom)

7) The "Best Feature Length Screenplay" Award Nominees:
"Love in Kilnerry" Written by Daniel Keith (New York City)
"THE BIG IDEA" Written by David J Schroeder (Miami, Florida)
"Company Ink" Written by Richard Pierce (Las Vegas, Nevada)

8) The "Best Film Editing" Award Nominees:
Adam Rosenberg for "The Somniloquist" (US)
Ashley Lynch for "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)
Stanley Sievers for "Fratino" (Illinois, Chicago)

9) The "Best International Comedy Film" Award Nominees:
"As I love you" (Spain)
"Mission Accomplished" (Germany)
"Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)

10) The "Best Micro Short Film" Award Nominees:
"Knife Fight" Directed by Miguel J. Soliman (Oakland, California)
"The Somniloquist" Directed by Adam Rosenberg (US)
"Mission Accomplished" Directed by Claus Martin (Germany)

11) The "Best Original Music" Award Nominees:
Mike Southworth in "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)
Andreas Berndt and Claus Martin for "Mission Accomplished" (Germany)
Joe O. Davies for "Oy Vey!" (United Kingdom)

12) The "Best Short Film" Award Nominees:
"As I love you" Directed by Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio (Spain)
"Mission Accomplished" Directed by Claus Martin (Germany)
"Fratino" Directed by Stanley Sievers (Illinois, Chicago)

13) The "Best Supporting Actor" Award Nominees:
Gregory Jones in "Mommy Heist" (New York City)
Jordi Aguilar in "As I love you" (Spain)
Peter Carlone in "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)

14) The "Best Supporting Actress" Award Nominees:
in "Doucheholics" (San Francisco, California)
Caitlin Howden in "Grocery Store Action Movie" (Canada)
Elizabeth Fleming in "Mommy Heist"(New York)

15) The "Best Television Episode Screenplay" Award Nominees: 
"Podcast" Written by Brady Guy & Eric Lewis-Baker (Chicago, Illinois)
"Happily Retired - Modern Family Spec Script" Written by Mario Garza (New York City)
"CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM: ACCIDENT” Written by David Schroeder (Miami, Florida)

16) The "Most Original Concept" Award Nominees:
"Brown Terror" Directed by Tim Bathurst (Los Angeles, California)
"The Somniloquist" Directed by Adam Rosenberg (US)
"Grocery Store Action Movie" by Chris Wilson and Peter Carlone (Canada)

17) The "Single Funniest Moment" Award Nominees:
"obSETHed: Memorial Day" (Van Nuys, California)
"ART SALE" (Atlanta, Georgia)


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