"Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly", "Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday", "Jacob's Jewels" & "Bad Hair Day" Four Feature Length Comedy Screenplays: Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selections

Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selections
Feature Length Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: Richard C Geiwitz

Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly
Synopsis: Four struggling actors plot accidental deaths for the four Hollywood brats who stole their roles in a horror film in time to get their roles back in the sequel.

Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday
Synopsis: A university hires well-meaning bumblers as cops and plan their demise, so they can use the funding to get the football team they really want.

Jacob's Jewels
Synopsis: Three travel agents uncover ancient jewels in Israel, and then try to sneak them out of the country chased by Palestinian robbers, Israeli burglars and the Russian mob.

Bad Hair Day
Synopsis: Taylor, a beautiful, but timid woman, draws interest from men after getting hair extensions and a makeover. What she and the police don't know is that the haunted hair came from the head of a murderer. And it's not done killing yet!