"Island X” Television Episode Comedy Screenplay: Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selection

Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selection 
Television Episode Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: Benjamin Cohen & Jack Gallagher (story)

Synopsis: Island X is a sitcom about a couple crashed on a desert island trying to keep their relationship together while a cult of their ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends try to break them apart. Think Lost meets Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.
Jack and Lida are a young New York couple. Jack is a political writer who fears confrontation. Lida is in a New Wave style rock band and has just settled in NYC. After dating a year long distance, Lida and Jack take a romantic helicopter ride over New York City, the Love Chopper. After a nauseous ride, BOOM, Lida and Jack find themselves on a helicopter going down. When they come to, they’re mysteriously shipwrecked on a desert island.
On this island, Jack and Lida discover they’re being watched. As they investigate, they discover there’s a mysterious compound on this island. A compound inhabited by a cult of their ex lovers. These lovers wish to break them up while Jack and Lida must find their way off the island with...or without each other.
As a program, each week will push forward the macro narrative of island survival, escape from the cult, and Jack and Lida’s personal relationship. In addition, each week will explore Jack and Lida’s breakups with each one of the cult members, further exploring their current personality traits. The same way Lost would use the island as a way to challenge their character, Island X will not only challenge its characters but continue to play the situational comedy of the everyday workings of an island cult as well as the neurotic interplay between lovers finishing their first year of a relationship.