"From Schmear To Eternity”, "Pickled Red Herring" & "Deli Takeout" Three Television Episode Comedy Screenplays: Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selections

Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selections
Television Episode Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: Jim Norman

From Schmear To Eternity (Pilot Episode for Max's Brooklyn Deli)
Synopsis: Max Kalb runs the best kosher delicatessen in Brooklyn, N.Y. circa 1925. Among his regular customers are six NY mob enforcers. Max suffers from insatiable curiosity, which gets him involved, against his better judgment, in situations involving his mob customers. In Schmear, this will take him to a cemetery in Secaucus, N.J., the pig farm capital of America and put him in the middle of a NY vs. NJ mob dispute.

Pickled Red Herring ("Brooklyn Deli Pilot Episode")
Synopsis: Max Kalb is the owner and counterman at a kosher deli in Brooklyn, N.Y., circa 1925. Among his regulars are six mob hitmen. When one of the mobsters goes missing, Max ignores the advice of the others and goes looking for the missing hitman.

Deli Takeout (Brooklyn Deli Pilot Episode)
Synopsis: Coming Soon!