"FEAR, There & Everywhere" Feature Length Comedy Screenplay: Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selection

Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selection 
Feature Length Comedy Screenplay
Screenwriter: Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz

Synopsis: Relax. Take it easy. Not so fast. One walk down the corridors of FEAR headquarters will make anyone wonder if it's possible to ever relax again. The ubiquitous influence of the world's greatest propaganda machine is felt, if not seen, in almost every aspect of American life, from politics to medicine, to the military, and yes, even the weather. For proof, just see the hell that poor peace-loving Professor Belcher goes through after announcing his Senate candidacy. At first, it seems like a promising campaign, fueled by naive optimism aimed directly at the Federal Establishment Against Relaxation. Belcher hopes to shake up a fear-based economy, responsible for selling us useless products and unnecessary wars. But ultimately, FEAR fights dirty and it's not just Belcher's political life that gets destroyed. His personal life goes down in flames as well. With nothing left to lose, Belcher's last hope is teaming up with like-minded lawyer, Jackie Wainwright, to beat FEAR at their own game. However, this means doing the unthinkable: Breaking into the FEAR compound with CIA level security to discover the goods that will bring them down. Will the good guys win? CAN the good guys win?