Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017: "Comedy Feature Film Screenplay" Official Selections

Official Comedy Feature Film Screenplay Selections of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017

"Malingerers" Written by Chastity Lively
"VietCom" Written by Steve Hanisch
"Stacey" Written by Steve Hanisch
"ADMISSION IMPOSSIBLE" Written by Diane Uniman & Marla Cukor Camins
"Pyramid Scheme" Written by Diane Uniman & Kevin M Cotter
"It's a Job" Written by Emmett Raitt
"Red Ink On Steel" Written by John Thibault
"Eli's Fabulous Dream" Written by Ken Ross
"THE BIG IDEA" Written by David J Schroeder
"The Dumbest Generation" Written by Leslie Lyshkov
"The Charlottetown Jackhammer Imbroglio" Written by Marc Lalonde
"Loonatoona" Written by Shockadelic
"Operation Chaos" Written by Steve Bensinger
"The Naughty List" Written by Randall C Willis
"The Obsolete Child" Written by Stefano Bozzo
"Don Appetit!" Written by Jay Stamatis, Steve Stamatis and Edmond Coisson
"MATRIM$NY" Written by Wynn Reichert
"Pageant Dad" Written by Conor Healy
"Kpop" Written by Brendan Vogel & Matthew Clingempeel
"FEAR, There & Everywhere" Written by Anthony Vollmer & Craig Horwitz
"Through a Glass Ceiling, Darkly" Written by Richard Geiwitz
"Campus 911: Serving Since Yesterday" Written by Richard C Geiwitz
"Jacob's Jewels" Written by Richard Geiwitz
"Bad Hair Day" Written by Richard Geiwitz
"How to Score at Your High School Reunion" Written by Richard Pierce, James A. Heim and 
Martin Aleman
"Company Ink" Written by Richard Pierce
"The Drop" Written by Jarrod Austin
"Franz Kafka: Golf Pro." Written by Brian Weakland
"The Brothers Pornovsky" Written by David Bertoni & Richard Halpern
"The Other Son" Written by Chelsea Carpenito
"Love in Kilnerry" Written by Daniel Keith