Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017: Official Selections

Official Comedy Film Selections of the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017

"Fratino" Directed by Stanley Sievers
"Mommy Heist" Directed Anna Gutto
"ART SALE" Directed by Jeff Genter
"The Somniloquist" Directed by Adam Rosenberg
"Grocery Store Action Movie" Directed by Matthew Campbell
"mission accomplished" Directed by Claus Martin
"obSETHed: Memorial Day" Directed by Zack Matzganis
"As I love you" Directed by Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio
"Knife Fight" Directed by Miguel J. Soliman
"Mommy Heist" Directed by Anna Gutto
"Brown Terror" Directed by Tim Bathurst
"Oy vey!" Directed by Joe O. Davies