"As I love you" (Como yo te amo) Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 Official Selection

An amazing dark comedy, directed by Fernando García-Ruiz Rubio and written by Antonio Mercero. "As I love you" (Como ye te amo) is set in Spain, masterfully shot and directed. The story of misguided love and all the problems we cause for ourselves as a result. "As I love you" is a well executed perspective of Dani's human will and delusion combined.

Tagline: Dani is a petty criminal who falls for the police to stop after landing a trade. It was a sight, a moment of unexpected brilliance. And above all new since Dani had never been in love. From that moment I only keeps alive the hope of seeing Patricia. 

Come witness this awesome comedy short at the Atlanta Comedy Film Festival Summer 2017 on July 10, 2017 at The Synchronicity Theatre - Midtown, Atlanta.